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Our Suppliers

The Marsh Cable product offering has expanded over the years to include commodities to support applications including end-to-end voice/data solutions, control/instrumentation, security, geophysical, and OEM. Marsh Cable works diligently with both our customers and represented manufacturers in an effort to best understand the customers’ wants, needs, and requirements and have on-hand, in stock, the proper products to support their efforts and continued success.

Customer Service

Marsh Cable takes pride in knowledge of our customer base and realizes that understanding their needs and expectations is tantamount to the customer’s success as well as ours. We make every attempt to stay abreast of our industry’s changing technology and to share those changes with our customers. The company enjoys the fact that we are small, local and therefore, with the help of our Edge affiliation, infinitely more flexible that our national competitors. Also, for our customers’ convenience and benefit, we have an RCDD on board to help with premise applications and requirements.

I want to take this opportunity to thank Marsh Cable and Connector for their expertise & knowledge of telephone, cabling and security camera equipment.  It’s a pleasure to do business with a company that values their customers and goes the extra mile to provide excellent service.  Thank you all. R.L.

…..the guys from Marsh Cable and Connectors in FTW. Great company and good folks!   C. C.

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