About Us

Marsh Cable & Connectors, established in 1992, is a locally owned and operated company providing electronic cable and connectivity products to North Texas and surrounding areas. The Marsh Cable product offering has expanded over the years to include commodities to support applications includingend-to-end voice/data solutions, control/instrumentation, security, geophysical, and OEM. Marsh Cable works diligently with both our customers and represented manufacturers in an effort to best understand the customers’ wants, needs, and requirements and have on-hand, in stock, the proper products to support their efforts and continued success.

The Marsh Cable & Connectors office and warehouse facility is conveniently located on the north side of Fort Worth close to Meacham Field. The office is staffed with friendly, knowledgeable salespeople with cumulative experience in excess of 120 years in distribution. Marsh Cable is ISO 9001:2000 compliant and a proud member of Edge Marketing and Procurement since 2000.

Marsh Cable works hard to provide superior customer service, exceptional product quality, and competitive prices. In order to meet our goals, and customers’ goals, we pursue the following objectives:

1. Provide customers with only the highest quality products and service.
2. Provide the best products on time in the best possible way.
3. Provide customers with the best competitive pricing and value for products.
4. Provide open communication with customers and suppliers.
5. Provide current updated products for an ever evolving industry.

If you are in the Fort Worth, or the North Texas area, and are in need of low voltage products, Marsh Cable & Connectors is your source. Marsh Cable’s extensive inventory includes voice/data cable (both premise and OSP,) and fiber optic cable and jumpers,and cable products for HVAC, security, video, audio, OEM, geophysical and high flex life applications. Walk-in and will call customers are welcome.Their orders can be filled and loaded within minutes while browsing Marsh Cable’s newly expanded showroom.

Marsh Cable takes pride in knowledge of our customer base and realizes that understanding their needs and expectations is tantamount to the customer’s success. We make every attempt to stay abreast of the industry’s changing technology and to share those changes with customers. The company enjoys the fact that we are small, local and, with the help of our Edge affiliation, infinitely more flexible than their national competitors. We have two RCDDs on board to help with premise applications and requirements for their customer’s convenience and benefit.

Marsh Cable appreciates and looks forward to the opportunity to be of service for your next cable/connectivity requirement.